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Half-scale model
airplane steam
engine, without
propellor, by
Dean Myers.

A steam airplane engine?

Yes, a steam airplane engine! You can't imagine Dean Myers's amazement when he walked into the Warner Robins Air Force Museum in Warner Robins, Georgia, and beheld a steam aviation engine on display. It struck him as being so unique, that he decided a half scale model of it was a must. Little is known about this engine except what is posted on the sign before it (see photos below).

Order your own half-scale airplane steam engine by clicking on the Products button above, then Model Steam Engines. Price is $325 plus shipping.

av_engine5 av_engine6
Note: The size of the propeller listed on the sign is not correct. The actual size measures approx. 60 1/2 inches.

av_engine2 av_engine3

av_engine4 av_engine7
Disassembled finished model engine.

General Specifications:
► 3 Cylinder Radial
► 1 1/2 in. Dia. Cylinder Bore
► 2 in. Stroke
► 10 3/16 in. High (Without Stand)
► 11 1/2 in. Wide (Without Stand)
► 8 1/2 in. Deep (Without Stand)

Casting Kit Includes:
► Drawings
► 17 Aluminum Castings (Block, Block Cover Plate, Cylinders, Pistons, Piston Rods, Valve Bodies, Valve Heads)
► Steel tubing for fabricating cylinder sleeves and valve sleeves

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